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Titán Eb Cornet – Model #5837 (Silver Bellflex) / Model #5842 (Lacquered Bellflex)

This model has just been released and is creating a great deal of excitement amongst Soprano players. The sound and intonation are outstanding.

Bore: M 11.5mm
Leadpipes: #8 & #9A (8 for standard mouthpieces and 9A for short style cornet mouthpieces) – Trumpet Leadpipe also available
2 x Bell Sizes & 3 x Bell Material Options: Standard #20 Bell – Bellflex, Gold Brass or Copper // Big Bell Options – Bellflex, Gold Brass or Copper
Bell Diameter: 114mm // 120mm
Standard Finish: Full Silver Plate

There are three one piece hand hammered bell options for both the Standard and Big Bell Models:
Bellflex: Gives the brightest sound. Suitable for players using a deep mouthpiece, but requiring a little ‘edge’:- As used by the British Army Brass Bands – Standard Bell Model with Lacquer finish

Gold Brass: Gives a warmer sound, and suitable for players using a deep cup mouthiece – as used by Paul Richards of The Flowers Band

Solid Copper: Warmest, darkest and most mellow sound. Ideally suited for Trumpet Players, or player using a shallower Cornet or Trumpet Mouthpiece, but wanting a richer, darker sound quality:- as used by Steve Stewart of The Cory Band

Optional Extras: Full Gold Plate, Full Brushed Lacquer, Gold Plated Slides and Trim, or any combination of these upon request. The option of a First Valve Trigger also available upon request
Onyx inserts finger buttons are Standard

Original Stomvi mouthpiece and lightweight Protec case included.

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