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Classic one piece mouthpiece – Model #8410

With trombone mouthpieces STOMVI, you will achieve the versatility, comfort and simultaneously the sound answer you are looking for. To do so we offer six different rims:

– plane
– Plane w (wider than the previous)
– Standard
– Standard w (wider than the previous)
– Round
– Round w (wider than the previous)

You can also choose different inner cup diameters among five different types of cups, depending on its depth.It is advisable to consider a compact, rich, and fundamentally projecting sound. A cup is the deepest, B, C and D are the intermediate, and E is the highest.

We have two types of backbore:
1- Alto-tenor trombone
2- Tenor-bass trombone

The mouthpieces can be manufactured in silver, gold or combi plated (gold rim and silver body).

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